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How to Get Your Competitors’ Commercial Real Estate Broker Listing Presentation Packages

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Whenever Federal, State, and local government entities will be listing their properties, the listing presentation packages they receive from commercial real estate brokers will be made available to you if you request them. So when you obtain these presentation packages, this can help you to learn what your competitors are doing, and can also help you to improve your own listing presentation...

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How to Handle Brokers Who Lie to Owners and Overprice Their Commercial Real Estate

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Whenever you’re trying to get a listing, and you’re competing against a broker who is overpricing the property to try and impress the owner in order to get the listing, follow this recommendation that will help you to get the owner to now understand what the other broker is trying to do, and then move the owner forward towards listing with...

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Why You Need to Prospect Bigger Commercial Real Estate Leads

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  When you finally begin ramping up your prospecting and you begin making a lot more calls, make sure you begin calling some larger than normal leads, too. Otherwise you’ll be running around with a ton of new leads in the exact same size range, you won’t be able to work on all of them, and you’ll be wondering which ones you should now pass on or hand off to someone...

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Determining the 3 Key Activities That Will Generate More Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Income for You

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Developing great brokerage business for yourself often comes down to doing just several simple activities consistently. During this video I’ll help you determine the 3 key activities that will generate 65-80% of your brokerage income.  

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How to Handle Commercial Real Estate Brokers Who Don’t Cooperate on Their Listings

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When you’ve been in our industry for awhile, you become aware of brokerage companies that refuse to cooperate on their listings with outside brokers. This, in my opinion, is a huge disservice to the owners they represent, and I’m certain that most, if not all of the time they’re not telling their owners about their intention to do this before the owner signs the listing. If this ever became known to the Department of Real Estate serving their own individual state, there’s a good chance that fines, sanctions, suspensions, and/or license revocations would be involved, as one would be hard pressed to argue that their company was truly serving their clients’ own best interests by focusing on keeping 100% of the entire commission in house. Keeping this in mind, here is a 2-3 minute video I’ve recorded showing you how to handle this situation with an owner whenever you’re going up against one of these brokerage companies for a listing. Whenever you execute this procedure I’m telling you to do correctly, you’ll eliminate the other brokerage company from ever getting the...

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How to Eliminate the Need to Find a Section 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange Property

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How many times have you been frustrated as a broker because an owner wouldn’t list their property for sale with you, because they were concerned about not being able to find a 1031 exchange property? Take a look at this video presentation on the Deferred Sales Trust, which now eliminates the need to identify an exchange property within 45 days after closing, and it eliminates the need to close the second, upleg exchange transaction within 180 days after the initial closing, too. Everything still remains tax-deferred, and your clients can now exchange not only into real estate, but into investments including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, too. Do you think this could help you to both list and sell more...

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How to Handle Owners Who Want to Sell Their Property By Themselves

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When an owner tells you that they want to sell or lease their property by themselves, and they don’t want to list it, you need to reframe how they’re thinking. Listen to what I’m recommending that you say in this 2-3 minute video, to maximize the chances that the owner will now become interested in listing their property.

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How to Brand Yourself as the Top Expert and Get More Listings from Your Owners

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Once you’ve identified an owner who will be listing their property in the weeks and months ahead, how do you differentiate yourself from all of the other brokers while you’re still waiting for the owner to get ready to list? During this 2-3 minute video I’ll show you how to stand out in the owner’s mind as the one expert consultant or advisor who has all of the answers for them....

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How to Get Repeat Business from Your Past Commercial Real Estate Clients

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One of the biggest mistakes commercial real estate brokers make is dropping out all communication with their past clients. During this two-minute video I’ll tell you a very simple, easy, powerful way to stay in contact with your past clients, build your relationship with them, and position yourself to work with them once again on their next commercial real estate transaction....

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How to Get Your Commercial Real Estate Listings Extended

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When it’s time to ask your owners for an extension on your commercial real estate listings, they need to feel that you’ve been doing everything you can to move the listing, and that you’ve been doing everything you can to keep them informed on what’s going on. But if you’ve been dropping out all communication with them during the listing period instead, they’ll be likely to now list the property with one of your competitors, instead of extending the listing with...

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