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Here’s an Idea for Hosting a Commercial Real Estate Agent Open House

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Whenever you’re hosting a commercial real estate agent open house for one of your listings, here’s an idea that can both save you money and provide some sizzle for all of the brokers who will be attending your...

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How to Respond When People Want You to Share Your Commercial Real Estate Commission

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Whenever you’re asked by a commercial real estate principal to share your commission with a friend or a relative of theirs who has their real estate license, here’s how you can respond and then completely reframe the situation to...

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How to Handle Deal-Killing Attorneys When You’re a Commercial Real Estate Agent

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Whenever you encounter a “deal-killing” attorney in a commercial real estate transaction, here’s one way to help get the attorney on your side and help you to close your transaction.  

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How to Schedule Appointments When You’re Doing Your Commercial Real Estate Prospecting

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When you’re prospecting and you want to set an appointment with someone, the more that the person believes that the appointment will be valuable for them, the more likely they will then move forward and schedule the appointment with you. During this 2-3 minute video I’ll show you one way to schedule an appointment with someone that maximizes the probability that they’ll say “Yes” to...

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How Asking Just This One Question Can Begin Doubling Your Commercial Real Estate Prospecting Results Overnight!

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In this 2-3 minute video I’ll tell you the one question I started asking during my prospecting calls that began doubling my commercial real estate prospecting results overnight.

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How One Commercial Real Estate Agent Earned and Got Paid a $425,000.00 Commission

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During this video I’ll tell you how Neil Dailey of Tulsa, Oklahoma earned and got paid a $425,000 commission, because of one good coaching idea I gave him.  

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Powerfully Marketing to Your Commercial Real Estate Agent Clients and Prospects with Video

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When you’re sending monthly or quarterly video market updates to your clients and prospects, you’ll be getting “face-to-face” time with them and branding yourself as the ultimate authority within their minds. During this video I’ll show you exactly how to send one of these video market updates out to all of your clients and prospects.

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Here’s One Way to Close Your Owners During Your Commercial Real Estate Agent Listing Presentations

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In this video I’ll tell you how to implement what is called the “Yes Set”, an approach to build momentum with your owners to move them forward and get them to go ahead and sign your commercial real estate listing agreements.

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Here’s My Free 4-Minute Recording to Get You Pumped Up for Doing Your Prospecting!

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Have you ever wanted a boost to get you pumped up and feeling more excited to make your prospecting calls? That’s why I created this 4-minute recording…which has words and music in it designed to get you pumped up and feeling more confident before you pick up the phone to make that first prospecting call. Take a listen to the recording here by clicking on the “Play” button, and then you can click on the link below to download and save the MP3 recording if you’re interested. For the greatest impact, be listening to this recording when wearing good headphones.   https://commercialrealestatecoach.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Get_Pumped_Up_for_Prospecting_Final_Version-For-Real.mp3   You can click here to download the recording....

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The Importance of Prospecting Your Past Commercial Real Estate Clients to Get More Business

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Whenever you’re prospecting, make sure that you’re prospecting your past commercial real estate clients in addition to prospecting new people and companies that you’ve never done business with before. This is extremely important for positioning yourself within these people’s minds and building a steady, ongoing relationship with them, so that you’re working with them again on their next...

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