Of the many books that I’ve read, there are three main books that I’m recommending right now to commercial real estate brokers to help them to take both their business and their income to the next level.

The first book is my own book that’s titled, “Commercial Real Estate Power Brokers: Interviews with the Best in the Business.” When I first released this book on the market last year, it quickly rose to become an Amazon #1 Bestseller within just 36 hours! In addition, the book features some very solid interviews that I’ve done with top commercial brokers, who will tell you how to be very effective at prospecting, how to get more listings, how to make great presentations, how to make more money in your business, and how to stand out as the best choice your clients and prospects could ever make in a commercial real estate broker. To read more about my book on Amazon, click here.

“Pitch Anything” by Oren Klaff is another outstanding book that I recommend you read. During the book he shows you how to shift the psychology during your presentations away from you hoping that you’ll get to do business with the prospect, towards them now hoping that they’ll get to do business with you instead. This is an absolutely brilliant book that has gotten my coaching clients to now shift towards making much more powerful and impactful presentations, and you can read more about this book right here.

Then the third book that I recommend you read is, “Never Split the Difference” by Chris Voss. Chris was the FBI’s #1 hostage negotiator, literally dealing with life and death situations involving American hostages held worldwide, and he shows us how to implement this same approach very effectively within business negotiations, and he gives us case studies of how his students have successfully utilized his approach to win in their own business negotiations, too. His approach is absolutely brilliant, and you can read more about his book right here.