Getting More Listings

Here’s a Very Solid Commercial Real Estate Property Marketing Video

on Sep 25, 2017

Warner View Center from Colliers International on Vimeo. Greg Barsamian, SIOR, has been a coaching client of mine, and he’s an outstanding broker. With this in mind, take a look at this marketing video that he’s recorded, showing everyone the details about a property that he’s listed. The video does a great job of creating a good ambiance about the project, including showing us an interview with one of the property’s very happy tenants. This video will help to set Greg’s listing apart from other competitive listings in the minds of the potential prospects, and it gives Greg a great tool to show to other property owners in the future, when he’s competing against other brokers to obtain a new listing, and these owners will just love seeing the kind of video that Greg will be recording to market their own property,...

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How to Get Your Competitors’ Commercial Real Estate Broker Listing Presentation Packages

on Sep 18, 2017

Whenever Federal, State, and local government entities will be listing their properties, the listing presentation packages they receive from commercial real estate brokers will be made available to you if you request them. So when you obtain these presentation packages, this can help you to learn what your competitors are doing, and can also help you to improve your own listing presentation...

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How to Handle Brokers Who Lie to Owners and Overprice Their Commercial Real Estate

on Sep 5, 2017

Whenever you’re trying to get a listing, and you’re competing against a broker who is overpricing the property to try and impress the owner in order to get the listing, follow this recommendation that will help you to get the owner to now understand what the other broker is trying to do, and then move the owner forward towards listing with...

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