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The Two Major Arenas for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Success

on Mar 22, 2021

Once you have good market knowledge and can talk to people intelligently about what’s going on in the marketplace, I believe your success in its simplest form in commercial real estate brokerage comes down to two main arenas: 1) Finding the prospects that you want to be working with, and 2) Getting these people to work with you exclusively. This presupposes that you have a good set of people skills and that people enjoy working with you, too. So if you’d like to begin generating more business, take a look at this video and determine which of these two arenas you need to begin focusing on....

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Why the Sound of Your Voice is Very Important When Doing Your Commercial Real Estate Prospecting

on Mar 15, 2021

When you’re doing your prospecting, the sound of your voice is oftentimes the very first thing that people will ever experience when they’re interacting with you, as long as they’ve never met you before, and as long as you’re doing your prospecting on the telephone. So with this in mind, the sound of your voice is the very first thing that will oftentimes have your prospect feel whether they are in rapport with you…or not…

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How to Schedule an Appointment During a Commercial Real Estate Prospecting Call

on Mar 9, 2021

When you’re talking with a prospect during a prospecting call, and you’ve determined that you would like to meet with them personally for the very first time, how you go about asking them for that appointment will have a lot to do with whether or not they’ll say “Yes” to you. So when you’re moving along within the conversation, getting closer towards the end of it, I recommend that you say something similar to the following to them…

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Beware of Social Media Connecting Services

on Mar 2, 2021

There’s a trend that’s been developing on social media, and it’s a trend that risks having you be perceived as being someone who is robotic, and someone who really doesn’t care about the people you’re trying to connect with. In fact, this trend now has me refusing to connect with many people who send me invitations to connect on LinkedIn…

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